Mercury (2018)
Apr 20, 2018
Horror, Thriller
CAST : Prabhu Deva, Sananth Reddy
MUSIC : Santhosh Narayanan
DIRECTOR : Karthik Subbaraj
PRODUCER : Kaarthekeyen, Santhanam, Jayantilal Gada
BANNER : Stone Bench Films

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Mercury (Tamil: மெர்குரி) 2018 Tamil Movie Starring , , , Deepak Paramesh, Shashank Purushotham, Anish Padmanabhan, Indhuja, Gajaraj in the lead roles.

A group of 5 youngsters who were schoolmates and childhood friends reunite to celebrate birthday party of one of their friend (Indhuja). During the celebration Sananth was encouraged by friends to propose his love to Indhuja. During the night the group travel to a nearby location crossing the abandoned Corporate Earth Chemical factory which was shown as responsible for mercury poisoning of local resources like water and earth in that area that resulted health hazards among locals during the childhood of the 5 friends. They throw stones on the nameboard of the factory in aguish. After some time in the night, Sananth proposes to Indhuja who accepts his love. During the return trip to their farmhouse, Sananth playfully switches of headlights of the car while Indhuja drives. Indhuja applies breaks to avoid a Dog and vehicle comes to a sudden halt. They restart the vehicle and move on for some time only to notice car making strange noise from read side. They get down to find a chain attached to the rear wheel. After checking the chain they identify a dead body of a man (Prabhudeva) possibly dragged along with the car with chain locked to the hand resulting in his death. They argue among themselves whether to call police, but finally decide to bury the body in the abandoned Chemical factory grounds and cover it with sticks and sand. The next day one of the friend discovers his phone was missing and all the friends go back to the factory in search of the phone. At the factory they ask Indhuja to sit in the car and enter the ground for the phone. They retrieve the phone and also discover that dead body is no more there where they buried it. By the time they return to the car, Indhuja is missing and they see a shadow moving inside the factory glass panes. Suspecting she is inside all the friends enter the factory. There they discover the man who is alive and he starts killing them one after the other. He identifies his victims through sounds and noise they make as he is blind due to same Mercury poisoning. Sananth and Indhuja try to escape through the window of the factory, but was caught by Prabhudeva. He attacks Sananth and Indhuja pleads with him to spare Sananth. She explains they reunited to celebrate her birthday and she was behind the wheel when the accident occurred. She explains him they were all victims of mercury poisoning just like him. Prabhudeva explains her he was a blind musician who was getting ready to get his eyes back through a surgery on the day he met with this accident. He explains her his wife paid the money and in the morning was about to take him for operation. But unfortunately that night the Dog starts to bark. He gets up to check out. There the Dog runs out of his hold onto the road. It is shown while Indhuja tries to avoid the Dog, one end of the chain hooks up with the wheel and when they move, it drags Prabhudeva and injures him badly. He was not dead at the time of burying him. Eventually he entered factory as he was blind and died there. It is shown now that his spirit is now taking revenge and it enters the body of Indhuja. Indhuja who is now possessed by Spirit visits his wife and home. It comes back to factory holding a sitar and leaves the body of Indhuja. When Indhuja wakes up she will realize she has got back her hearing and cries loudly while the factory is set ablaze by Spirit.

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